Many argue that the first step needed for the successful digital transformation/transformation to the Industry 4.0 is a shift in the mind-set of business owners, managers, engineers, designers and other employees. T

his subunit focuses on some of the methods and tools that are being used for the business model transformations. 

To complete the activity: 

1. Watch the following video (5 minutes):

2. Read the following handbook (60 minutes): https://www.alpinespace.eu/projects/desalps/desalps-design-thinking-teaser_-complete-toolkit.pdf 

3. In order to use some of the tools from the Design Thinking Teaser, revise the tools and select the most appropriate for the classroom (25 minutes).

Click CreO IO1_SUBUNIT 1.3._ACT. 1.3.1.pdf link to view the file.