Subunit 1 - AR and VR evolution theory

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This is a playful activity where you can use the phone
Android, blank sheets and markers create a 3D island that you can view
through the phone screen.

LandscapAR is a new form of augmented reality application

(AR), which invites users to create interesting islands and terrains. Simple
sketch the height lines on a real piece of paper and this is translated directly into 3D

Create your favorite tropical island with as many hills, mountains and valleys as you want, 
and visualize it in 3D at home.
Take a walk around your creation and you will see the island from all perspectives.

Note that the paper should be clearly visible from the background, so it should be as bright 
as possible and the background 
as dark as possible. On the other hand, a thick dark pen should be used.

Activity steps:

From your Android phone, go to Google Play, download and
install the application "LandscapAR augmented reality"

Try placing a blank sheet on a dark background.

Draw concentric shapes as shown in the video.

Scan the drawing with the program and enjoy: